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Protecting you and your information

- GDPR, privacy, confidentiality and trust.

Confidentiality and Trust

Work with Alison is confidential in line the the BACP Guidelines. Confidentiality includes limitations, mostly foreseeable, arising from legal obligations to protect people from harm. Essential case notes will be kept in paper form and held in a locked filing system for 3 months beyond work completion. Your case may be discussed under supervision with an accredited and qualified supervisor.

Trust is based on honesty and openness. It is an essential part of the therapeutic relationship. Being open and honest about how the process works and the rules that are followed is essential. Empathy, insight and professional care add value. Demonstrating all these attributes, repeatably and consistently over time, grows trust.

Privacy Policy and GDPR legislation

This policy covers 2018 GDPR legislation.

Although the regulation is designed to protect EU citizens, the same protection is provided to all citizens from around the world: EU, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Commonwealth, America and indeed anywhere English speaking people want counselling or therapy.


General Data Protection Regulation

Privacy Policy Summary

I am committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected.

For existing clients and people making enquiries I currently hold some of the following details: your name, age, email address, telephone number, and city location, and where applicable Skype/Facetime address and bank payment details.


  1. These details are for running my business. To date they have been used for contacting you about individual appointments and bookings.

  2. I will only use these details to contact you in the future if you give explicit permission to do so. For example: with information about groups, workshops or retreats that I am running, that may be relevant and of interest to you.


I will not use your information for any purpose other than above. I will not pass your information to any 3rd parties.

I will keep basic details for 3 years. Therapy/coaching session notes and supervision notes will only ever be recorded on paper and destroyed 3 months after the end of therapy/coaching.

You have the right to ask to see the information I hold about you, please ask me and you can view it in a session. You can ask me to change any information that I hold about you that is incorrect. You have the right to ask me to delete information that I hold about you, which I will do save for that which I have a legal obligation to keep – for example, for my business tax purposes.

If you wish to complain about how I handle your data, in the first instance please contact me, Alison Collis, who is the Data Controller.  

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy​ please contact Alison directly via the form below.

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