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Couples relationship counselling

“Every couple has ups and downs, every couple argues, and that’s the thing — you’re a couple, and couples
can’t function without trust.” 
― Nicholas Sparks

Are you having problems in your relationship ...

Fighting over the same things, time and time again ?

Forgotten the last time the two of you actually had fun together ?

Something has changed ?

Worried that conflict and negativity are unresolvable ?    

Losing hope that things can ever be ok ?


You’re not alone. Most couples go through rough patches and nearly all couples have several crises during their lifetimes. We know from research what makes the difference between those couples whose relationships survive and those who flounder. The good news is that these positive, effective habits can be learnt.


I use the Gottman Method Couples Therapy because it is based on extensive research analysing thousands of relationships. It provides practical, easy-to-understand interventions, so that you can change your relationship habits and get your communication and connection back on track. It can also help you understand if your relationship is likely to succeed or fail, and what you can do in either situation.


I will listen carefully to what you want to achieve and use my knowledge, experience and compassion to design a clear road map specifically for you. I work with all types of couples at all stages of their relationship, creating a safe, trusting environment that nurtures both parties and encourages positive change.

How is it structured?


  1. Free explore call

  2. Detailed assessment

  3. Counselling, with review points

  4. Ending and relapse prevention

  5. Final review and evaluation

The Gottman Method - background

Dr. John Gottman, has developed his approach based on 40 years of research with thousands of couples.


Through his research, he discovered that couples must learn how to actively build fondness, admiration and friendship into their partnership. These qualities need to be established before they can successfully resolve conflicts and share their dreams and aspirations together.  In a straightforward, understandable way, The Gottman Method teaches couples to maintain these positive behaviours. At the same time as showing how to avoid the pitfalls of criticism, stonewalling, contempt and defensiveness, which can poison struggling marriages and lead to divorce.


Gottman found that there were a number of effective relationship habits that happy, long-term couples were using :-


Positivity and friendship - Successful couples were expressing their appreciation of each other, “checking-in” regularly, and scheduling “stress-reducing” conversations in order to remain content.


Love maps - Happy couples were curious about each other and were actively interested in their partner and adding to their knowledge of each other’s inner and outer worlds.

Repair - Healthy couples know how to recover their positivity after a conflict.

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