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Family - tools and techniques to thrive in tough times ...

I work with parents to help them resolve particular problems. Most of my work is connected to specific life events, where having a personal guide, a plan and some useful tools can make a massive difference to how the children and adults navigate the change.

Some common life events are:

  • Bringing a new baby home

  • Starting school

  • The transition to secondary school

  • Leaving for University

  • Empty nesters

  • The return of an adult child

  • Supporting children during a break up

  • Creating a blended family

Family reltionships

The above are all times of change and transition. They are disruptive periods where our emotional resilience is lower and our ability to function is reduced. Parenthood is dotted with these events and I provide parents with tailored support via counselling or coaching and skills workshops. They gain a greater understanding or what is going on and more importantly have proven tools and techniques that help them to parent more effectively in challenging circumstances.


I use a combination of: Transactional Analysis which is very suited to improving communication and self awareness; Bridges theory of Transition which helps build understanding and empathy and The Resilience Doughnut, an excellent model for actively building resilience & self confidence and encouraging a growth mindset.


How is it structured?


  1. Free explore call & assessment

  2. Coaching OR Counselling

  3. Optional Skills Workshop(s)

  4. Coaching OR Counselling

  5. Review

  6. Ending


I also have specific skills and experience in helping parents of third culture kids (TCK’s), and expatriate families moving country.

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